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I post only testimonials from real people I have photographed. For this, I am attaching to the review photos from the photoshoots that you can look at to form your opinion. Also, you can always write to me and ask your questions and I will be happy to answer them.
I sincerely hope that the reviews will help people who come to Paris and who are only looking for this beautiful city of their photographer, whom they can trust and know that they will get really those photos that will please them for a long time.
See you in Paris!

Свадебное фото пары на фоне фонтанов в Париже около Эйфелевой башни на Трокадеро

Alexander and Catherine

Russia | 21.06.2019

We would like to express our gratitude to Natalia and Alexander for a professional photo session, held in a relaxed atmosphere. We were in Paris for the first time and, thanks to the preliminary correspondence with the photographer, we were able to correctly plan our event. We especially want to note the incredible flexibility and spiritual understanding of the guys before the photo shoot, during and after it. Natalia and Alexander are not only high-class professionals, but also cheerful, lively, very interesting people. All our ideas have been implemented. We have the most pleasant emotions and impressions from the photo walk.
IMG_1922 sakura2.jpg


We corresponded for a long time. More than 3 months. It is understandable: the guys have a honeymoon trip. It is necessary to plan and coordinate everything in order to enjoy the trip later.

Of course, there are a lot of wedding photographers in Paris. But Alexander and Ekaterina liked the natural photos on my website.

I tried to answer all the questions that arose during the correspondence. Offered different places and ideas for photo shoots. In the end, we settled on the most classic version with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

The photo session lasted 3 hours, but flew by unnoticed. There were also photographs in the style of reportage and staged shots. The guys are very positive and it was a pleasure to work with them.

More photos can be viewed:

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девушка в черном платье

Marina and Pavel

Bulgaria | 12.11.2018

Natalia, thank you very much for your work. The photos are just amazing! They are so flawless that no additional processing was even needed. Me and my husband got great pleasure and a lot of positive from the shooting itself and the result! Our delight knows no bounds! Thank you!!!
IMG_1922 sakura2.jpg


This wonderful couple came to Paris from Bulgaria. We started the photo session at dawn. As you can see, in the photographs at the Trocadero there was a gentle, morning, sunlight.

I, as a photographer, noted for myself how reverently the guys treat each other. Maybe it's because they're used to performing acrobatic lifts that they tried to do on the Trocadero, near the Eiffel Tower. Or maybe (and this is most likely) simply because they love each other. And it really shows. Their eyes are so sincere and full of love for each other.

We have tried to make the most of the time available. We visited several locations, but we did not go far from the

300-meter tower (as Gustave Eiffel himself called it). At the end of the photo session, we met a large dog walking

with a French owner and asked to take a picture, to which both the dog and the owner happily agreed. Thus, more beautiful photos with a furry and shaggy friend appeared in my portfolio and on the site. The photo session is over and I'm glad that I was able to give a good mood to the guys and, most importantly, photos that will delight them!

IMG_4601 copy pt.jpg

Alina and Andrey

Minsk, Belarus | 01.09.2018

In August 2018 we rested in Paris. This is our first trip to this wonderful city, and we decided to organize a small photo shoot. The choice fell on Natalia and not in vain. Immediately contacted, agreed on a date and price. Natalia and her husband Sasha are very nice people and very, very cool photographers. During the shooting, we laughed, had fun. Photos came in 2 weeks, it turned out great. Pictures are colorful, beautiful, funny, lively. In general, if you are looking for a good photographer in Europe, I recommend Natalia to you.
IMG_1922 sakura2.jpg


In general, I really like Belarusians. They are positive, polite and open people. So it was this time. Alina and Andrey are very cool and easy-going. Very photogenic. It's probably out of sincerity. Their eyes light up and sparkle. They infect with their positive and I wish them to remain so all their lives.

Probably the best photographers are those who are lucky enough to work with cool models. Of course, it depends on the photographer to capture the moment, but a lot also depends on the models. Here in this photo shoot, I think I was lucky in this (I mean the guys as models). Photography flew by in one breath and we all had time. And there was even a declaration of love with a proposal and the gift of a ring with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Everything turned out magically for the guys, as it should be in the most romantic city of love - Paris. And it was on this day that large fountains were turned on.

We got beautiful photos.

акробатический номер

Daria and Alexander

Moscow, Russia | 25.12.2017

Natalia filmed us in December, against the backdrop of the wonderful Eiffel Tower. I want to thank you so much for the photos! The shoot itself went great: the location, the timing, the help with the poses and all that. There was an assistant, and this is a huge plus, we often take pictures and now, in comparison, I can say that photography with an assistant is one level better, and the pictures turned out great!Were together with my husband + our little girl. Special thanks for helping to look after the child while we were photographed together! The photos turned out to be alive, natural, light. You can't tell from them that we arrived there at 8.30, the atmosphere was wonderful and everything went like clockwork. It was very cool to do a photo session on vacation, just like a memory of a trip, we were worried, of course (we never shot abroad with a professional photographer), but the result made us happy and calmed, everything is possible, everything will work out, we will take more pictures)
IMG_1922 sakura2.jpg


Alena K.

Spain | 14.12.2017

I would like to say a huge thank you to the true professionals in their field! It was my first experience of participating in a photo shoot and I was very worried before the start, but Natalia and Alexander helped me a lot! The guys were very fun and easy! Thank you for the wonderful photos that will help me keep the memories of my trip to Paris and for the fun company! I advise everyone!
IMG_1922 sakura2.jpg


Alena, thank you for your kind words. In fact, it is very important to know that my work pleases and gives positive emotions. This is probably the only criterion that I would like to constantly be equal to. I really want to continue to

give people joy and show how beautiful they are, and in your case, Alena, this is true. Nature has given you both a beautiful, photogenic appearance and a beautiful, kind inner world. It was a pleasure to work and communicate

with you.

We were very lucky with the weather. In winter, the days were quite warm and we had the opportunity to take

pictures not only in a coat, but also in a dress.

Alena was a little worried from the very beginning, but the desire to take beautiful photos was great and listening to our advice, she succeeded. The result is bright, memorable and lively photographs.

After a while, Alena came to Paris again and we had a second photo session, no less memorable and intense. I am happy to share frames from the second photo shoot.


Victoria and Jonathan

Paris, France | 25.09.2017

Natalia was the wedding photographer at my wedding on July 8th. My husband and I are very pleased with Natasha's work, as all the photos turned out to be lively and emotional. Also, Natalia is a photographer who does not look at the clock, but focuses on quality. If you have a problem with choosing a location for photography, then Natalia can offer her help in choosing a location for shooting. Choosing Natalia's services is the best option if you have Russians and French at your wedding, as none of the guests will feel a language barrier.
IMG_1922 sakura2.jpg


Delightfully beautiful and positive couple Victoria and Jonathan.

The guys wrote to me about three months before the wedding.

We had time to meet, discuss all the details and choose locations for shooting.

The wedding day was busy. We started the photo shoot in the rose garden of Bagatelle Park, one of the most beautiful places near Paris. Then, in a retro car, we drove to the golden wheat fields. The day was sunny, the weather was great, so we took plenty of pictures in nature and drove on to our destination. The wedding took place in a church in Auvers-sur-Oise. She is known for being captured by Van Gogh, and the original canvas is kept in the Musée d'Orsay.

Nearby was a park where a buffet was held. We had a photo session planned there and we had the opportunity to make both reportage and staged shots.

As I wrote, the day was busy, but the guys had everything well organized and everyone was satisfied.

брюнетка в зеленом платье


Paris, France l 09.08.2017

Natalia, we received the photo yesterday, everything is just fine, the photos are super, thank you so much! We are very glad that we met such wonderful people as you and Alexander, we enjoyed talking with you very much.

All the best to you and even more creative victories!!!


Ilya and Lisa

Moscow, Russia | 18.05.16

Thanks a lot for your work! I was very glad to meet you. We love your photos! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!!
Модельер в Париже - Гузалия Аслямова

Guzalia Aslyamova - Fashion designer

Paris, France | 01.07.16

For 8 years now I have been working with Natasha, I can’t call myself Natalya Ilyina officially, they bring only positive emotions. I always look forward to the results of shooting, but I never rush, knowing that quality is more important than haste. And the quality is always excellent. Taking a good picture of a person who does not have a model appearance is a rare talent. And it was never difficult to feel free, not noticing the camera. Most of the photos of my models are the merit of Natasha, there are a lot of successful shots. And we have many more interesting projects ahead of us, I hope.
Фотография девушки на вершине Монмартра в Париже


Rostov, Russia | 14.02.16

I am immensely happy that I was lucky to know such wonderful people as Natalia and Alexander!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you do, for the atmosphere that you create during the photo session! For what magical moments you capture! I wish you to easily achieve all the tasks that you set for yourself!!! The most unexpected and interesting projects!!! And of course more travel to the most different parts of our planet))
Дама в синем платье улыбается своему спутнику


San Francisco, USA | 16.09.15

Natasha and Sasha, thank you so much for our wonderful photos! 

It was a pleasure to work with you guys! I appreciate your help and advice on the best places for the shoot as well as how easy it was to set everything up. Next time we are in Europe, I know who to reach out to take our pictures!

мама, папа и дочь


Oslo, Norway | 16.10.15

Dear Natalia and Alexander! Thank you for a great photo shoot and a great time! I'm sure it won't be the last time we meet! See you soon in Paris or somewhere else! ;)

T mctWJEw_2Tg copy.jpg

Tatiana and Alexander

Cherkasy, Ukraine | 18.11.14

Thank you so much for our unforgettable day!!! This is not our first photo shoot, but the BEST, unique, tender!!!! And at the same time, the very communication with Natasha and Sasha pleased - everything was so natural and at ease that they did not even notice how 3-4 hours had passed. You are great smarties that save the most intimate moments in life. Thank you again SO MUCH!!! See you in Venice ;))))


Moscow, Russia | 11/20/14

Hi all! Finally, we have some free time to write a review about the work of Natalia and Alexander.

I'll start from the very beginning... This summer we had a wedding, and of course we could not do without a honeymoon trip. For our trip, we chose the city of romance - Venice! We decided to arrange a wedding photo shoot there and started looking for a suitable photographer. We searched for a long time, stubbornly, and now we got to the work of Natalia. We immediately liked the photos and we actually decided to invite her.

The weather on the day of shooting was not very good, because it was raining, but for professionals it was not a problem. The guys immediately cheered us up and set to work. The shooting lasted 6 hours. The most important thing is that the guys told us how to get up, where to look, there were all sorts of staging moments, etc. For shooting, this is an important point, because not all photographers tell you what to do and how to do it, although people always rely on it.

While we were taking pictures in various places in Venice, Alexander managed to tell us the stories of some of the sights. So in addition to the photo session, we also had an excursion. In general, we want to say that Natalia and Alexander are professionals in their field, very interesting and versatile people. They left us a lot of emotions, impressions and of course memories. I hope this is not our last photo session with them. We recommend everyone who travels abroad and wants to arrange a photo session to contact them. You will not regret it. The photographs are of high quality.

We want to wish the guys creative success and continue to delight people with your work!
IMG_1922 sakura2.jpg


Guys, we are touched to the core, we just cannot describe our feelings....

We have not had such a detailed and detailed commentary in all the years of our work!

This is, one might say, the perfect commentary! You can print it out and hang it in a frame on the wall in a conspicuous place so that you are constantly remembered)) Although we often remember you anyway, because it was very pleasant for us to work with you and in such a short time we even managed to make friends with you! We will be very glad to meet you again!

More photos can be viewed:

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фотосессия в Париже на мосту Александра III. Утро, пустой мост и свадебная пара

Natalia and Alex

Vancouver, Canada | 28.09.14

Dear Natalia and Alexandr! We want to thank u for a great job u've done! Pictures are just amaizing! You have made our memories so bright for the whole life! Thank u so much!

Victoria and Christoph

Lyon, France | 16.09.14

Thanks a lot to Natalia and Alexander for a wonderful job full of enthusiasm and ideas. We were glad that it was the guys who became "photo-witnesses" of an important event for us. In a short period of time, we got a bunch of good photos))) Thank you again and good luck on your interesting creative path!

Galina and Dima

Moscow, Russia | 11.11.14

Dear Natalya and Sasha! Thank you very much for your an excellent photos, non-ordinary approach and your way of doing this!!! That was my best BDay - happy, bright, emotional!!! We look at photos and remember this with a big pleasure:)) pictures in the morning when Paris is waking up are excellent and so romantic!! At the same time all the process was so funny-thanks to you!!! Good mood, romantic pictures, a lot of smiles, very professional photos-you made my day one of the happiest days in my life!! Many thanks!!! Hope to see both of you once again!!!!


Amsterdam, Holland | 18.10.14

Dear Natasha and Sasha! Many thanks for a great day in Paris, your imagination, patience and awesome results! The photos are really amazing and unique, and your taste in selecting nice corners of the city is worth mentioning as well:) Good luck-and hope to see you again one day!


Florence, Italy | 01.10.14

If you had a photo shoot with Natasha and Sasha, you are very lucky!!! They are true professionals. Everything is just magical, easy, in one breath. They approached me, as my mother said: she had never seen me in a photo so happy. Natasha and Sasha know how to seize the moment. This is a talent!
If you're looking for really great photos, then this is for them.
I want to visit you again for a photo session, see you in Florence. Thank you very much.  
I will never forget it!

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